Creating wealth to reach your goals

Science shows the way

Have you noticed? Some people just seem to get lucky. Life unfolds before them like a dream, with the universe so clearly on their side. But for you, things just never seem to work out. You work as hard, or harder, than the wealthy guys, without achieving a smidgeon of their success.

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thinking into results - success mentoring with darren harris
There's no
such thing
as luck

There's no such thing as luck

‘The more I practise, the luckier I get.’

You must know the saying. It’s attributed to so many successful people - but I’m going for the late, great golfer Arnold Palmer. He’d just sunk a long putt and a spectator commented, ‘My, Arnie! That was a lucky putt!’. His response is legendary and it has so much truth in life.

Follow The Science of Getting Rich and you will find wealth … and when you do, it will have nothing to do with luck. It will be down to you - no-one else. Through mindfulness techniques, you’ll learn to

  • see the opportunity in every obstacle
  • learn the perception and knowledge to create ideal circumstances
  • develop a success process for your health, wealth and relationships that work every time
  • eliminate stress and frustration from your life
  • gain peace of mind and confidence in your ability to achieve your goals

Not wishful thinking - but science

Science shows us how this approach works. It demonstrates how our success is directly tied to our self-image. This includes

  • The amount of joy we experience
  • The amount of money we earn
  • The connections and relationships we enjoy in our lives
  • How we feel on a daily basis

And here’s the best bit of all. Some techniques might change aspects of your life temporarily. But using mindfulness to improve your self-image produces results that last.

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