What my Clients have to say

Lorraine Comerford

Lorraine was one of my first clients and she works in education professionally as an art teacher.

Thinking into Results Mentor Testimonial - Lorraine Comerford - Dublin Ireland

Darren Harris is an inspiring mentor;
I could not recommend him more.

He gives me sound and professional advice, guides me and course corrects me towards my goals using Thinking into Results (TIR), it's Gold Dust. I wish I had been introduced to this mind-blowing, life- changing material years ago. It's great to be mentored by Darren who is a professional educator. Darren has some unique insights regarding the words we use to think with and that really elevates the material higher again and makes it more meaningful.

I am an educator myself and I strongly believe TIR should be introduced in schools to teach students to believe in themselves and follow their dreams. It's an amazingly beneficial programme. It's inspiring me to make better decisions, solve problems, persist and move towards my goals. TIR is helping me unlock my potential and the sky will be the limit.

I recommend TIR to everyone; it is truly transformational. My mind is cleared, I believe and trust in myself, I now know where I'm going as I am being mentored. I love this new version of me and am excited to see where I am headed. Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher are gifted individuals who are teaching the world how to unlock their true potential to be who they really are.

Just make sure that you make the jump with Darren as your consultant and supportive mentor and you'll be delighted you did!

Lee Boakes

I worked with and mentored Lee before he joined Huel where he became head of Innovation & NPD at this multi-award-winning company.

Mentor Testimonial career development - Dublin Ireland

Darren was an invaluable mentor earlier in my career.

Having worked with Darren for over two years I cannot say enough about his wealth of experience. He adds a dynamic of innovation mixed with appropriate methodology to execute the project in front of him.

Mary Hughes

I worked with, advised and supported Mary on several innovation briefs for exciting organisations

Dublin problem solving coaching testimonial for Darren Harris

Darren has a positive attitude and energy and excellent communication skills. I have no doubt his technical experience and problem-solving abilities, along with his coaching skills will be of benefit to any company.

Deirdre Hynds

I mentored Deirdre and helped her to move towards her business goals

achieve business goals testimonial - darren harris coach dublin

Darren’s ability to think outside the box seems to stem from a naturally creative and curious mind-set, which has been honed and refined through years of academic and practical experience.

Students and Professionally Mentored Clients

education career mentorship for success dublin ireland

Darren has been a constant support for me since I met him in 2014, through my education and ongoing mentorship. Darren's support of my career progression and goals has had a hugely positive impact of its success.

- Caroline Crudden

student mentor testimonial dublin ireland

Darren still goes above and beyond for his students by keeping them up to date with developments and opportunities that are available…I honestly can’t thank Darren enough for being an amazing mentor.

- Melissa Lynch

academic career coach mentor dublin ireland

Darren has always been a forward thinker constantly encouraging us to think beyond our college life... Darren always encouraged research into a new product or technique…Darren went above and beyond the role of a lecturer. I knew he was someone I could call on with any query be it academic or career-related.

- Jennifer O'Mara:

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