Who We Are

We don’t just teach others how to think their way into the results they want. We live it in our own lives. We think big and we dream big—stretching ourselves to limits beyond what we think we are capable of.

We keep to a daily checklist in our work each day -

  • be grateful
  • maintain a positive attitude
  • work in a spirit of creativity and harmony
  • be a great example of what we sell
  • do a better job today than yesterday

The Proctor Gallagher Institute sets ambitious revenue goals so that we can continue to increase our global impact. For now, our goal is to build a new school in Africa every day. We’re working tirelessly towards our vision of creating a world in which true wealth—spiritual, material, intellectual - flows to, through and from each one of us.

What We Do

In the 1960s, Bob Proctor’s life changed dramatically for the better. From then forward, he wanted nothing more than to teach others how to change their lives. Unfortunately, he didn’t fully understand how he did it, so he set out on a mission to figure it out. After nearly 10 years of extensive study, Bob found his answer: He had changed his paradigm.

Paradigms are a multitude of habits that govern every move we make. They govern our communication, our work habits, our successes, and our failures. Negative and faulty paradigms are why ninety-some percent of the population keeps getting the same results, year in and year out.

Using more than 50 years of research, study, and direct application, we teach people how to do what Bob did: change their paradigm so they can get desirable results and enjoy life more fully.

Each day, we continue to study and to create. We’re committed to offering the most practical ways to develop the extraordinary power of the mind.

First Understanding - Then Change

Most people want to earn more money, have more fun and enjoy their days more. But we know it won’t happen by accident. The Proctor Gallagher Institute’s teachings are built on the premise that we have a power flowing in and through us that is far superior to any condition or circumstance around us. We show our audience how to use their thoughts to direct this power to achieve whatever results they choose.

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About Proctor Gallagher Institute

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