Performance Coaching

for Your Personal Success

Are you maximising your potential? That extraordinary potential that lies in us all - the potential to achieve far more than you ever believed possible?

With Become & Inspire, you’ll enjoy the profound, life-lasting benefits of Mindfulness Coaching.

This, I guarantee.

Follow the world-renowned Proctor Gallagher Institute methodology, and you will achieve

  • immense personal growth
  • that sense of control, freedom and fulfilment that you’ve always craved
  • an exceptional income for you and your family

My name is Darren Harris. I’m a Professional Consultant for the Proctor Gallagher Institute. With my experience, training and insight, you will achieve all this and more.

‘Become & Inspire’ - origins

“Before you can do something, you must be something”
Johann von Goethe

Simple is so often best. And so it is with this quote from Johann von Goethe, himself inspired by Thomas Jefferson. These few words form the single Pillar of Principle that underpins my work as a Success Performance Coach.

In order to achieve, we need to change – and what we need to change are our flawed paradigms - the swirling morass of thoughts, experiences and life-incidents that make up our self-image.

Embark upon the Become & Inspire programme and addressing these paradigms will be both your starting point and the golden thread that runs through the entire programme.

Prepare for the journey of your life

High-performance success mentoring. This is what I do. I mentor for success. Do you know what’s holding you back from performing at your best? Is it your lack of education? Is it your parents? Is it your inexperience? No. It’s none of these. What’s holding you back is you. We call it a paradigm - the swirling morass of thoughts, experiences and life-incidents that make up your self-image. Work with me, your Personal Growth Coach, and we’ll focus on your mind and its focus on your goals. Develop your mind - the conscious and the sub-conscious - and you’ll give yourself the best chance of reaching those goals. Together, by coaching body and brain, we’ll build ‘intellectual muscle’ you need to prepare yourself for the journey of your life - a journey that will change your life, dramatically for the better. A journey of Personal Growth, leading to Personal Performance, leading to Personal Success.

You’ll learn about resistance, about failure. You’ll blame outside factors. You’ll be wrong. You’ll blame your limitations … and you’ll be wrong again. The biggest lesson you’ll learn is about the enormous, almost infinite potential, that lies within you and your team to reach extraordinary heights of success.

become inspire mindfulness coaching achieve goals

Walking you through . . .

Together you and I will work at knocking aside the barriers to your personal growth and setting you on the right road to achieving your life-goals.

But I’ll also walk you through the world-class, one-of-a-kind Proctor Gallagher success programmes and courses. Find out more about the 5 paths to Personal Success.

My Name is Darren

I’m a professional educator, trainer and mentor.

I’m a consultant with the world-renowned Proctor Gallagher Institute. The intense pleasure for me always lies in meeting, then helping new people.

I enjoy nothing more than sharing exciting, empowering and sometimes controversial ideas to help people to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

And all this, I’ll do for you.


Why Proctor Gallagher?

For over half a century, Bob Proctor and The Proctor Gallagher Institute have led the world in the field of personal and team development.

Bob Proctor himself has earned international recognition as one of the world’s most influential teachers of prosperity and success. I feel honoured and inspired to employ the methodology and resources of the Proctor Gallagher Institute

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